Cities and Towns of Maela

Vallyne, the Capital City

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Located at the center of the region, Vallyne is a large, walled city that is home to the Maela family, the Provincial Senate, The Great Archive, and the best craftspeople the region has to offer. Boasting a population of over nine thousand people, Vallyne accounts for slightly over fifty percent of the entire population of Maela. Unlike the rest of the region, the city is focused primarily on trade with the surrounding regions, is home to a number of guilds and is significantly more predisposed to the study and practice of the arcane arts.
Vallyne is a city walled on all sides due to the fact that it sits in the middle of an open flatland. Situated nearby, outside the walls, is The Academy of the Silver Sword. The Academy is the training ground, barracks, and central headquarters for the Maelan Army.

The City of Corpathium

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Located on banks of the Blood Sea, in the western most portion of the province, Corpathium is a small city of just over five thousand people and is constantly growing. As the only port city of Maela, it has an important job of conducting trade with other regions via its very limited shipping routes. To complement the vast trade business that the city conducts via ship is the giant market near the heart of the city, known as The Wheel of Gold for the enormous profit it turns on a daily basis. The city is also home to the Libre Eternum, the oldest known library in all of Ergon. It is whispered that there are very ancient and dangerous texts hidden in the vaults below this library. In the center of the city is an ominous structure that most would mistake for a wizard’s tower, this is the Obelisk. A tall structure made of smooth black granite stone, the Obelisk is the central governmental building of the city, it houses records, the treasury, a vast number of committee meeting halls, official guild offices, and the courthouse.

The Town of Teeford

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A small farming community located to the northeast of Vallyne. The town originally grew up around the military fortification of Hightower as a place for the soldiers to live but has since transitioned into a community that provides the region with large amounts of grains and produce. Due to its location, it is the closest town to the Kingdom of Alanthir to the east and enjoys the benefits of trade from travelers between the two provinces. with a population just shy of seven hundred, Teeford has expanded somewhat in recent years. The town now calls itself home to a small group of expert tradesmen and an organized governing council who have helped the town grow beyond the limits of what simple craftsmen were able to construct.

The Hamlet of Mamor
The Village of Redhill
The Town of Bethy
The Town of Breyley
The Town of Hellione

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Once an integral part of the region’s defense system, Hightower is now a ghost of its former glory. Sitting atop a hill, the tower was used as an observational point to alert the nearby keep and town of incoming threats from the east and northeast. Due to the longstanding peace with Alanthir that has lasted for three hundred years, the tower and keep were deemed as an unnecessary expense to the region and thus its occupants were relocated, the keep and tower falling into disrepair.

Academy of the Silver Sword

Located just to the west of Vallyne, the Academy of the Silver Sword is the preeminent institution for military training in all of Maela. The Academy provides instruction for enlisted soldier as well as schooling and high class training for officers and knights. This training was paramount early in the province’s history as swordsmanship and organization were able to turn the tide of many a battle when geographical and numerical advantages were against hard to come by. In recent times, the knighthood has become more of a status marker than functional one as peace has been long reigning. Second to but not less important than the martial training is the tradition of silver sword crafting. To honor the tradition and the weapon that saved the country, those training to be smiths for the army are required to perfect the art of smithing swords made with a silver and steel hybrid.

Seagate Garrison

Cities and Towns of Maela

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