The Saga of the Wicked

Teeford - A Town Troubled

A New Ally and a New Objective

The group arrived in Teeford around noon the day after the storm. The skies were clear, the birds sang, and the sun shone brightly but the faces of the townspeople did not mirror the weather of the day. The group was treated with wariness and trepidation but reluctantly allowed into the town after a discussion between the Balance Keeper, Shabado, and the guardsmen. They obtained healing for their wounds, wandered the town to get the lay of the land, and collected news and rumors.
If the wariness of the guards was not clue enough that something was wrong, the fear of the townspeople to be anywhere near these rough looking folks was a giant red flag. Upon entering the local alchemist’s shop, they found a small girl no older than ten years old cleaning and organizing the displays; she stared with abject fear before breaking into tears and running to the back of the shop screaming at the sight of Oskar and Joseph in her doorway. The two learned that her father had been taken captives by a group of ruffians and taken away somewhere. She pleaded with them to get him back and eventually the two acquiesced.
Meanwhile, Shabado went about gathering information at the local tavern and inn while Mall 1114 was having his wounds treated by the town’s healer, an old woman who practices herbal remedies. Shabado, after talking with several people, learned that there was a group of bandits being led by an ex-military officer who had hauled off a number of the more able bodied townspeople for some purpose and they were believed to be holed up in the ruins of the High Tower fortress just to the north east near the tower itself. When the rest of the group began to trickle in and gather at the inn, they began to piece together what they had learned. Shabado’s information corroborated by stories from Oskar and Joseph who had spoken to the alchemist’s daughter, Joseph who learned more from the town’s governing council and a man named Marshall Cormack. After overhearing their conversations, a figure wearing a white cloak approaches their table and joins them. The figure reveals herself to be a woman by the name of Ashara and conveys to them that she is after this bandit group as well and thinks that they may have been hired by a man that she’s been on the trail of for several months. She tells them that she has reason to believe they are attempting to unearth some powerful, ancient artifact. The group agrees to help her search the ruins and they decide to leave at first light.


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