The World At Large


The Realm of Jundaria is vastly oceanic in nature with three distinct continents and a smattering of small island clusters. The three continents are known as Ergon, Quaazar, and Jöt; each are home to very different groups of people, flora, and fauna. Surrounding the land masses are several seas and oceans. The Cerulean Sea, The Bay of Quaar’al, The Bay of Razors, The Ergonian Sea, and The Expanse. The world is in its 10175th year by the current calendar count, it consists of 347 days (7 months with an average of 49-50 days each and each week lasts 7 days) with a 3 moon lunar cycle. Below is an concise description of each of the major regions of the world, follow the links provided for additional information.

The Continents


This vast mass of land calls itself the home of thirteen provinces, each under its own governmental structure. Borders are established mostly via geographical means but shift with the tides of war. War is fought with brute force of military might, through secret daggers and honeyed words laced with poison. Outside in the wilderness, there are a host of dangers to be found. Aside from the roaming groups of bandits, there are many more deadly things in the form of wild beasts of great proportions, goblins and trolls. There are likely many other things that naught but the bravest of adventurers have seen and even fewer have lived to tell the tales. In a world filled with such perils, there is also great reward to be had. Those who slay such monstrous creatures are often rewarded with riches and renown, and songs of their deeds sung far and wide across the land.


The continent of Ergon is diverse in its ecology, calling itself home to temperate plains and forests, blazing deserts and frigid tundras. There are rocky mountains with spires reaching to the heavens and there are bubbling swamp lands with verdant greenery and deep, dark, bubbling pools. The vast amounts of natural resources are the primary reason for the large numbers of settlements that have been founded and have thrived here.


A collection of loosely organized city-states dot the coastline and islands of this continent, perhaps the richest of them all… that is if you ask nobles who are from there. Quaazar is a veritable gold mine of natural resources ranging from salts and spices to rare minerals and precious gems and as such is the leading exporter of rare goods. Spices, silks, gems, and some oddities all fetch a high price when unspoiled. Walk the streets of a city such as Al-Thadair or Kamiko-shi and an unwary traveler will have his pockets emptied of gold by shrewd salesmen and his hands emptied of goods by even shrewder pickpockets. Don’t let the excess of the coastal regions fool you though, move inland and the continent transforms into a barren wasteland so quickly that you’ll think the luxury that was just left behind might have been a mirage.


If Ergon is the epitome of geographic diversity, then Quaazar is just the opposite. Across the Cerulean Sea to the east of Ergon lies this continent, a harsh reminder that nature still dictates expansion. At first glance, a traveler aboard a ship bound for this land might marvel at the sprawling metropolises that line the lush coastal region, but travel several miles inland over the Khal’hāthas Mountains and things begin to look much different. The Sand Sea is a harsh and unforgiving environment, a wide open desert that stretches for several hundred miles across the center of the continent. There is little to no reprieve from the scorching sun that glares down on the sands like an angry eye during the daylight hours. Without proper knowledge of where the limited oasis locations are, a traveler would surely perish on a crossing before making it to the Bay of Quaar’al and the Eastern Isles or across the badlands to the south and into the fortress city of Bàdūr-raad.


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Bodies of Water

The Cerulean Sea

The Bay of Quaar’al

The Bay of Razors

The Ergonian Sea

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The World At Large

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