The Saga of the Wicked

The Night of the Storm

A Chance Meeting

While traveling through the open grasslands of the Republic of Maela, four adventurers were each caught out in a violent hailstorm. The only place around to take shelter was a large tower on a hill. They all struggled through the elements, and one by one managed to find their way to a small cave opening at the base of the hill. Upon discovering each other inside the cave, they came to the agreement of “storm peace”, and settled in to wait out the storm. The four got to learning about each other and discovered that they were all from quite different walks of life: Oskar Turok, a somewhat feral dwarven fighter wearing a strange wooden mask; Joseph Van Ike, a paladin who has taken a vow of silence; Shabado, a sorcerer belonging to the Order of Balance Keepers; and an eccentric monk known only by the moniker Male 1114. Together they hunkered down to wait out the storm and while doing so managed to rid the tunnels underneath Hightower of some beastial denizens that had taken up residence there. After finishing off the last of the creatures, a zombified bugbear, the group set off to the south in the direction of the town of Teeford.


OdinsRaven OdinsRaven

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