Welcome to the Realm of Jundaria…

A world of high magic, political intrigue, deception, warfare, and bloodshed, but that is hardly the worst of it. Humanity may soon find itself fighting to exist….

Jundaria is a custom world that has been developed for the home brewed campaign The Saga of the Wicked. Everything in the world is based in the core rules of D&D 3.5, accounts for and allows for all official errata. The world has been created with influences from some of my favorite existing fantasy settings, several musical concept albums and real world historical events to create a blend of fantasy that is grounded in gritty realism.

Enter the wiki here and begin your journey!

Note from the GM: I have so many notes on random papers in a dozen binders so this is going to take a while to put together. I’m starting with the Session 1 location and moving outward. Additionally, all names of people’s and places are subject to change. Any instance of plagiarism is unintentional and if discovered please bring it to my attention so that I may correct it immediately. Thank you and I hope you enjoy this content.

The Saga of the Wicked

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